Roger Waters tracks and recordings

Discography including albums, original UK singles, soundtracks and a selection of compilations.

Solo Discography

Year Title Original release
1970 Music From The Body (w. Ron Geesin) lp/cd (soundtrack)
1984 The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking/Apparently They... single
1984 The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking lp/cd
1986 Every Strangers Eyes/For The First Time Today single
1987 When The Wind Blows lp/cd (v.a. soundtrack)
1987 Radio Waves/Going To Live In L.A. single
1987 Radio K.A.O.S. lp/cd
1987 The Tide Is Turning/Money/Get Back To Radio single
1987 Sunset Strip/Money single
1990 Who Needs Information/Molly's Song U.S. single
1990 Another Brick In The Wall/Run Like Hell single
1990 The Wall - Live In Berlin lp/cd
1992 The Tide Is Turning/Nobody Home single
1992 What God Wants, part 1/part 3 single
1992 Amused To Death cd/lp
1992 The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range/WGW1/Perfect Sense p1 single
2000 In The Flesh 2cd
2002 Flickering Flame - The Solo Years, Volume 1 CD
2004 To Kill The Child / Leaving Beirut download (single)
2005 Ça Ira CD/SACD+DVD
2011 Roger Waters Collection Box set
  Heartland project (dropped/unreleased)  
2015 Roger Waters: The Wall album
2017 Is This The Life We Really Want? vinyl/cd
  Smell the Roses Ep
  Deja Vu Ep
  The Last Refugee Ep
2018 The Soldier's Tale (narrated by Roger Waters) album
2020 Us + Them album

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