Roger Waters tracks and recordings

Discography including albums, original UK singles, soundtracks and a selection of compilations.

Solo Discography

Year Title Original release
1970 Music From The Body (w. Ron Geesin) lp/cd (soundtrack)
1984 The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking/Apparently They... single
1984 The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking lp/cd
1986 Every Strangers Eyes/For The First Time Today single
1987 When The Wind Blows lp/cd (v.a. soundtrack)
1987 Radio Waves/Going To Live In L.A. single
1987 Radio K.A.O.S. lp/cd
1987 The Tide Is Turning/Money/Get Back To Radio single
1987 Sunset Strip/Money single
1990 Who Needs Information/Molly's Song U.S. single
1990 Another Brick In The Wall/Run Like Hell single
1990 The Wall - Live In Berlin lp/cd
1992 The Tide Is Turning/Nobody Home single
1992 What God Wants, part 1/part 3 single
1992 Amused To Death cd/lp
1992 The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range/WGW1/Perfect Sense p1 single
2000 In The Flesh 2cd
2002 Flickering Flame - The Solo Years, Volume 1 CD
2004 To Kill The Child / Leaving Beirut download (single)
2005 Ça Ira CD/SACD+DVD
2007 Hello I Love You (The Last Mimzy) Single/Soundtrack
2011 Roger Waters Collection Box set
  Heartland project (dropped/unreleased)  
2015 Roger Waters: The Wall album
2017 Is This The Life We Really Want? vinyl/cd
  Smell the Roses Ep
  Deja Vu Ep
  The Last Refugee Ep
2018 The Soldier's Tale (narrated by Roger Waters) album
2020 Us + Them album
2022 Comfortably Numb Single
2022 The Lockdown Sessions Mini album
2022 The Bar Song (unreleased)
2023 The Dark Side of the Moon REDUX Album
2023 Under the Rubble Demo/online

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Selected collaborations

Roger Waters working with other other artists

Year Title Collaboration with (artist)
2018 Goodnight, Irene Lucius, from the album "Nudes"
2018 Carry the Earth Le Trio Coubran feat. Roger Waters from the album "The Long March"
1999 Incarceration of a Flower Child Marianne Faithfull recorded the previously unreleased Waters song, featuring Waters on bass.
1996 Jammu Africa Ismael Lo. Singer and actor Ismael Lo sings the duet 'Without Blame' (La Femme Sans Haine) with Marianne Faithfull. The song has english lyrics by Roger Waters.
1998 The Dybbuk of The Holy Apple Field Roger Waters recorded a coverversion of Knockin On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) for this film
1999 The Legend of 1900 Film soundtrack. Roger Waters co-wrote the song 'Lost Boys Calling' with Italian composer Ennio Morricone.