An (incomplete) list of Pink Floyd coverversions and tribute albums

Pink Floyd songs recorded/performed by other artists.

Tribute albums are mentioned in top of the list.

Song title Covered by Album/year
  1. Fearless (Tom Freund)
  2. Wish You Were Here (Sally Semrad)
  3. Money (Yortoise)
  4. Comfortably Numb (Graham Parker)
  5. See Emily Play (James Combs)
  6. Mother (Quetzal)
  7. Breathe (50 Cent Haircut)
  8. Young Lust (John Law)
  9. Time (Kelsey Wood)
  10. Have a Cigar (Ira)
  11. Bike (Harvette)
  12. Another Brick In The Mason's Wall" performed (Big Lee)
  13. Nobody Home (Courtney Fairchild)
  14. Paintbox (Jimmy Caprio)
  15. Lucifer Sam (Billion Stars)
  16. San Tropez (Dave Chapple)
  17. Childhood's End (Becca & Pierre)
  18. High Hopes (Shark & The Smoke)
  19. Astronomy Domine (Mike Keneally Band)
  20. Corporal Clegg (Samarin, Morgan and Hull, LLP)
  21. Let There Be More Light (Glass)
  22. Pigs on The Wing (Tortfeasor)
  23. Dogs (Which One's Pink?)
  24. Sheep (Numira)
  25. In the Flesh (Shaun Guerin)
  26. Hey You (S.A.M.)
  27. Goodbye Blue Sky (Tim Myer)
  28. What Shall We Do Now? (Which One's Pink?)
  29. Is There Anybody Out There? (TBL feat. Stevie Z.)
  30. Not Now John (North Green)
  31. "5 Minute Version" of The Wall (Rat Bat Blue)
Various artists A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd (2003). Tribute album.
  1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  2. Money
  3. Comfortably Numb
  4. Welcome To The Machine
  5. Have A Cigar
  6. Us and Them
  7. Run Like Hell
  8. Any Colour You Like
  9. Breathe (in the air)
  10. Young Lust
  11. Another Brick in the Wall, pt 2
Various artists incl. Steve Lukather, Billy Sherwood and many others. An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd, 2002. tribute album-
  1. One of these Days, pt 1
  2. Arnold Layne
  3. See Emily Play
  4. Let There Be More Light
  5. Atom Heart Mother
  6. If
  7. Summer '68
  8. A Pillow of Winds
  9. Obscured by Clouds
  10. Burning Bridges
  11. Breathe
  12. Time
  13. Money
  14. Us & Them
  15. Wish You Were Here
  16. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  17. Another Brick In the Wall, part 2
  18. Take It Back
  19. One Of These Days, pt 2
Alex Bollard Pink Floyd Songbook. Full album of cover versions, 1994
  1. Wish You Were Here (Kris McKay)
  2. Stay (Reyo Bikkin)
  3. Money (Leslie King)
  4. Cymbaline (Maureen Mahon)
  5. Us and Them (Brielle Morgan)
  6. Hey You (Jessica Goldman)
  7. Time (Melissa Quade)
  8. See Emily Play (Erin Alden)
  9. Run Like Hell (Corinne Sheehan)
  10. Brain Damage (Nikki Boyer)
  11. Vera (Leslie King)
  12. Comfortably Numb (Patricia Maertens)
Various artists Echoes of Pink: Tribute to Pink Floyd. 2002 tribute album.
  1. High Hopes (Sylvan)
  2. Another Day Of Sorrow (Cromwell)
  3. Run Like Hell (Angel Dust)
  4. Wish You Were Here (Ziff)
  5. Hey You (Mystery)
  6. Cymbaline (R.P.W.L.)
  7. Welcome To The Machine (Das Zeichen)
  8. On The Turning Away (Vanishing Point)
  9. Pigs (Feat. Dogs 'N' Sheep) (Solar Project)
  10. Let There Be More Light (Flying Circus)
  11. Schizo (A Tribute To Pink Floyd by Pendragon)
  12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Grand Cross)
  13. Time (Pangaea)
  14. Comfortably Numb (Eternity X)
  15. When You're In (Tiamat)
  16. The Dogs Of War (Megace)
  17. Another Brick In The Wall (The Crack Of Doom)
  18. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (The Electric Family)
  19. Interstellar Overdrive (Liquid Visions)
  20. Set Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Mindala)
  21. One of These Days (Fantasyy Factoryy)
Various artists Signs of Life - A Tribute to Pink Floyd. 2000.
  1. Echoes
  2. Have A Cigar
  3. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And
  4. Walk
  5. Hey You
  6. Comfortably Numb
  7. Money
  8. Breathe
  9. Another Brick In The Wall
  10. Wish You Were Here
  11. A Floydian Slip
Vitamin String Quartet String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd. 2007
Dark Side of the Moon Vitamin String Quartet String Quartet tribute Pink Floyd's Dark Side 2003.
Various Artists Saucerful Of Pink. 2007.
100 songs by Pink Floyd ! 8-bit Arcade The Ultimate Pink Floyd. 2020. 7 hours (!) of 8-bit computer game versions.
  1. Us and Them (Hurtin' Buckaroos)
  2. Take Up Thy Stethoscope & Walk (JMJ Band)
  3. Echoes (Hurtin' Buckaroos)
  4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (JMJ Band)
  5. Run Like Hell (Glimmerglass Reggae Ensemble)
  6. Mother (STU (45))
  7. Interstellar Overdrive (JMJ Band)
  8. Hey You (Hurtin' Buckaroos)
  9. Another Brick In The Wall (STU (45))
  10. Pink Skazmer (Orignal Composition) (Joe Ferry)
Various artists The Reggae Tribute to Pink Floyd, 2002
  1. See Emily Play
  2. Money
  3. Astronomy Domine
  4. Julia Dream
  5. Another Brick In The Wall
  6. Run Like Hell
  7. Wish You Were Here
  8. Breathe In The Air
  9. Lucifer Sam
  10. Comfortably Numb
  11. Time
  12. Goodbye Blue Sky
Various artists Pickin' on Pink Floyd: A Bluegrass Tribute. 2001
  1. Set Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Psychic TV)
  2. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (Controlled Bleeding)
  3. One of These Days (Spahn Ranch)
  4. Wots...Uh the Deal (Sky Cries Mary)
  5. Learning to Fly (Leather Strip)
  6. On the Run (Din)
  7. Echoes (Alien Sex Fiend)
  8. Hey You (Furnace)
  9. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Nik Turner)
  10. Lucifer Sam (Electric Hellfire Club)
  11. Pigs on the Wing (Chrome)
  12. Let There Be More Light (Pressurehead)
  13. Young Lust (Penal Colony)
Various artists The Other Side Of Pink: Pink Floyd Tribute. 1999
  1. Welcome to the Machine (Vinny Fazzari)
  2. Main Theme from the film More (Kismet)
  3. The Wall [Bassland Mix] (Alex Xenophon)
  4. Money (Dynamichrome)
  5. One of These Days (T.H.C.)
  6. Comfortably Numb [Bassland Dub Mix] (Alex Xenophon)
  7. On the Run (Cracker G)
  8. Wish You Were Here (Mitchell Sigman)
  9. Learning to Fly (CSM-101)
  10. Have a Cigar (Hände Frei)
  11. Run Like Hell (Tin Electric)
  12. On the Run - (George Sarah)
  13. Comfortably Numb [Bassland Acid Mix] (Alex Xenophon)
  14. VOL 2: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Echocell)
  15. Brain Damage (Bug Funny Foundation)
  16. Time (Motor Industries)
  17. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Kinetika)
  18. One Of These Days (Chaos Love Music)
  19. Eclipse (Bug Funny Foundation)
  20. Is There Anybody Out There? (Motor Industries)
  21. Lucifer Sam (Zizlia)
  22. Hey You (Galactic Achievement Society)
  23. Young Lust (Dogooder)
Various artists Electronic Tribute To Pink Floyd. 2000 / 2002 (vol 2)
  1. No Good Trying (The Mock Turtles)
  2. Octopus (Plasticland)
  3. Arnold Layne (SS-20)
  4. Matilda Mother (Paul Roland)
  5. She Took A Long Cold Look  (Fit And Limo)
  6. Long Gone (The Shamen),
  7. 'If The Sun Don't Shine' (Opal) -  the song is inspired by the last part of Jugband Blues
  8. Baby Lemonade (The Ashes In The Morning),
  9. Wolfpack (The Lobster Quadrille),
  10. Golden Hair (The Paint Set),
  11. No Man's Land (Tropicana Fishtank),
  12. Apples And Oranges (The TV Personalities),
  13. Two Of A Kind (The Soup Dragons),
  14. Scream Thy Last Scream (The Green Telescope).

CD bonus tracks

  1. See Emli Play (The Chemistry Set)
  2. Rats (What Noise)
  3. Gigolo Aunt (Death of Samantha)
Various artists Beyond The Wildwood - A Tribute To Syd Barrett, 1987. Tribute album.
  1. Speak to Me/Breathe (Cairo)
  2. On the Run (Rob LaVaque)
  3. Time (Shadow Gallery)
  4. The Great Gig in the Sky (Dark Side Of The Mo)
  5. Money (Magellan)
  6. Us and Them (Enchant)
  7. Any Colour You Like (World Trade)
  8. Brain Damage (Robert Berry)
  9. Eclipse (Billy Sherwood)
Various artists The Moon Revisited: Another Perspective On The Dark Side Of The Moon. 2012
Various artists Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven. 1987. Soundtrack to a film dedicated to Syd Barrett.

Songs by Pink Floyd

Troels Lyby, Søren Launbjerg, Gitte Naur.a.o. Another Brick In The Wall, 1997. CD with music from a Danish musical rock-show performed in 1997 and once again June 23, 2001. The Wall is performed by Danish musicians. Also new versions of Arnold Layne, Matilda Mother, The Final Cut, Welcome To The Machine and other Floyd songs were part of the show. Music re-arranged by Frede Ewert.
Several Pink Floyd covers The Orb The Orb. Ambient/Trance versions/remixes of several Pink Floyd songs and even full album remixes.
Several Pink Floyd covers David Palmer & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestral Maneuvers: Music of Pink Floyd
  1. Have A Cigar
  2. Free Four
  3. Summer '68
  4. Interstellar Overdrive
  5. Money
  6. One Of These Days
  7. Arnold Layne
  8. Main Theme.
Rosebud/Discoballs A Tribute To The Pink Floyd (album)
Orchestral versions of Pink Floyd songs. The National Philharmonic "The Music Of Pink Floyd Played by...", album 1994
Several Pink Floyd cover versions. The Skylab Group "The Music of Pink Floyd", 1997
Several Pink Floyd cover versions. The Skylab Group "The Skylab Group sings Pink Floyd", 2013
Another Brick In the Wall part 2 à:Grumh... Bloody Side, 1998
Another Brick In the Wall, part 2 The Barron Knights Never Mind the Presents. Christmas-medley including a Pink Floyd parodi
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine The Love Album, 1992
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Class of '99 The Faculty, movie soundtrack, 1998. Class of '99 featured members from Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine and Porno For Pyros.
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Vierzehn Titled 'Stein Um Stein', 1980
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 London Symphony Orchestra Classic Rock - Rock Classics, 1981
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Salt'n'Pepa 15 track compilation including one new song (new version of the 1997 song 'Gitty Up'). 'Brick Track Vs Gitty Up' is hip hop, rap (whatever) with obvious samples.
'Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Pink Project 12" single. Coverversion and re-mix of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall, part two' and Alan Parson's 'Mammagamma Sirius'.
Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 Pearl Jam Performed live on many occasions.
Another Brick In The Wall, part 1, 2, 3 Korn Performed live and featured on 'the Paradigm Shift' and 'Greatest Hits'
Astronomy Domine Voivod Kronik (album), 2000
Arnold Layne London PX Single, 1982
Brain Damage Austin Lounge Lizards Lizard Vision, 1991
Careful With That Axe, Eugene Phish Slip Stitch & Pass, 1997. Phish is quoting Pink Floyd, the Doors and others on some of his songs. In the end of 'Lawn Boy' the song is changing into Careful With That Axe, Eugene. Storm Thorgerson designed the album cover.
Careful With That Axe, Eugene Nik Turner  
Comfortably Numb Scissor Sisters Cover version + video from 2004
Dark Globe. Placebo Single b-side
Dark Globe. R.E.M. Everybody Hurts Pt.2 (single)
Dark Side of The Moon Easy Star All Stars Dub Side of the Moon, 2003
Dark Side of The Moon Out Of Phase 'Dark Side of The Moon 2001', features all the songs from the original Pink Floyd album in a dance/trance version.
Dark Side Of The Moon The Squirrels Parody album: The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon, 2000
Dark Side Of The Moon The Flaming Lips The entire album, 2014
Eclipse Hans Zimmer From the soundtracl to the movie DUNE (2020)
Gigolo Aunt The Gigolo Aunts American band with name and inspiration from Syd Barrett.
Gigolo Aunt Knox Single, 1980
The Gnome Neil Neil's Heavy Concept Album
Go Fishing Paper Chase The rockband, Paper Chase has released a 3-track EP called 'What Big Teeth You Have'. The last track is a coverversion of Roger Waters' Go Fishing.
Golden Hair The Shamen Young Till Yesterday (single)
Have A Cigar Foo Figthers. The Foo Fighters recorded a coverversion of Have A Cigar together with Brian May from Queen. The song is a bonus track on the UK-version of their single 'Learn To Fly'. But the song is also to find on the soundtrack for Mission Impossible 2 "M:i2".
Have A Cigar Primus Miscellaneous Debris (album), 1992
Ibiza Bar and No Good Trying Replicants Replicants, 1995
I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives/Arthur The Gardener The TV Personalities

Song about Syd Barrett, 1981

Interstellar Overdrive C-Average C-Average, 1998
Interstellar Overdrive Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven, 1986
Interstellar Overdrive Hawkwind  
In the Flesh? Dream Theater A Change of Season, 1995. "The Big Medley" starts with a cover of 'In the Flesh?'
It Would Be So Nice Captain Sensible Sensible singles, 1984
Long Gone. 360s Supernatural, 1992
Lucifer Sam The Blue Angels Candy
Lucifer Sam Graded Grains Unreleased cover version from 1967
Lucifer Sam Love And Rockets Kundalini Express , single, 1986
The Man Who Invented Himself Robyn Hitchkock The song is about Syd Barrett.
Money Elkie Brooks Pearls II, 1982
Mother Pearl Jam  
The Nile Song Voivod The Outer Limits (album), 1993
No Man's Land Family Fodder Sunday Girls, 1979
Octopus Carnival Art Thrumdrone, 1991
Oh! Wot A Dream Kevin Ayers Bananamour. The song 'Oh! Wot A Dream' is about Syd Barrett.
Point Me At the Sky The Acid Casualties Panic Stations
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. Bassomatic Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass, 1990
See Emily Play David Bowie Pin Ups, 1973
See Emily Play The Concerned Christians  
See Emily Play Grapes of Wrath B-side to the single 'I am Here', 1991.
See Emily Play Wireless Come again (album), 1997
Sheep Vida Blue  
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Growing With A Pict Ron Geesin The song 'To Roger Waters Wherever You Are' is a parodi on 'Several Species...' and a greeting to Roger Waters. The album was re-released as 'Land Of Mist' in 1995 and the song is also included on the compilation 'A Saucerful Of Pink'.
She Took A Long Cold Look The Dolphins She Took A Long Cold Look, 1991
Seabirds Langford and Kerr Moving Soundtracks vol. 1, with coverversion of 'Seabirds' which was never released by Pink Floyd.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond / Animals Les Claypool's Frog Brigade

Live Frogs set 1 and set 2. Two live albums with 'Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade'. Set 1 has a cover version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Jack Irons version). Set 2 is a performance of the entire Animals -album.

A Star Too Far (Lullaby For Syd). Psychic TV Tribute song to Syd Barrett. Trip reset (album), 1995
Terrapin Marc And The Mambas 'Untitled' (album, 1982
Terrapin The Smashing Pumpkins  
Time Wrathchild America Climbing the Walls.' (album), 1989
Vegetable Man Jesus And The Mary Chain Psychocandy, 1985
Vegetable Man The Soft Boys Kingdom Of Love (single)
The Wall Luther Wright and the Wrongs

Rebuild the Wall Pt. 1. The first 13 tracks from The Wall rerecorded by Luther Wright in country/bluegrass style

The Wall Out Of Phase. 'The Wall 2000', features all the songs from the original album in a dance/trance version
Wish You Were Here. Gregorian Masters of Chant Vol.2 (1991), "Gregorian-style" coverversions
Wish You Were Here Human Drama CD from 1993 with coverversions performed by Human Drama includes Wish You Were Here. The album cover and title has been inspired from the David Bowie album 'Pin-Ups', which also includes a cover of a Pink Floyd song.
Wish You Were Here Rasputina 1996
Wish You Were Here Alpha Blondy 2007
Wish You Were Here Bettye LaVette Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook (album), 2010
Wish You Were Here Wyclef Jean The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book, 2000
Wish You Were Here Phil Lesh and friends Phil Lesh (former member of Grateful Dead) performed a coverversion of Wish You Were Here on several occasions between 1999 and 2001.
Wish You Were here Limp Bizkit & Johnny Rzeznik America - A Tribute to Heroes (TV and DVD, 2001)
Wish You Were Here and See Emily Play Sparklehorse Essential Interpretations (album). Feat. Tom Yorke (Radiohead)

...and the list goes on much further. Pink Floyd cover versions are countless :-)