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About the Pink Floyd HyperBase

Welcome to a hobby project that grew a little out of proportions several years ago. The site is created and maintained by Jacob Crawfurd, Floyd-fan, mini-librarian, photographer and owner of Crawfurd Media.

The original material for the Pink Floyd HyperBase was researched and compiled from 1988 - 1994. It was first used as an internal demo-project for an interactive CD-ROM. Some of the chapters were later converted into this website when I made my first few steps figuring out how to make web sites in the early days of the World Wide Web. The HyperBase has been online since November 1997. The site consists of more than 250 html-pages and was frequently updated for a period when it was one of the main sources for Pink Floyd information. It had approximately 2500 visitors every day.

In February 2001 the site was moved to its own domain at The HyperBase also got a new look and a major content update. In 2020 it was time for a slight redesign again, a few updates that I had missed, and finally a technical update to mobile-friendly HTML5.

Please inform me if you find something on this site that is wrong, violates copyright laws or should be removed for any other reason. I will look at it, but can't promise that I will have time to reply.

The complete Pink Floyd discography

I have tried to make this a complete collection with references to ALL that has been created and released by Pink Floyd and it's members. The information should be complete with credits of guest musicians and also all the lyrics. There might still be a few extremely rare tracks that I am not aware of ...but not many :-)

Original content sources

The following list are sources used in the original research for The Pink Floyd HyperBase.

Bricks In The Wall
by Karl Dallas, 1987, Baton Press

The Complete Guide To The Music Of Pink Floyd
by Andy Mabbett, 1995, Omnibus Press

Pink Floyd - A Visual Documentary
by Miles, 1988, Omnibus Press

Pink Floyd - In The Flesh, the complete performance history
by Glenn Povey and Ian Russell, 1997, Bloomsbury Publishing

Pink Floyd - The Records
by Andreas Kraska, 1988, Buchverlag Michael Schwinn

Pink Floyd - Shine On
Book by Mason, Gilmour and Thorgerson, 1992

Saucerful of Secrets - The Pink Floyd Odyssey
by Nicholas Schaffner, 1991, Harmony Books

Syd Barrett & The Dawn of Pink Floyd
by Mike Watkinson & Pete Anderson, 1991, Omnibus Press

Embryo - A Pink Floyd Chronology 1966 - 1971
by Nick Hodges and Ian Priston, 1999, Cherry Red Records.

The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia
by Vernon Fitch

Random Precision - recording the music of Syd Barrett
by David Parker, 2001, Cherry Red Records.

+ The Pink Floyd albums, lyricsbooks and huge piles of magazines/interviews.