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George Roger Waters

Bass player, composer, songwriter
Born September, 6, 1943, Great Bookham, Cambridge
School/education: Cambridge High School For Boys, Regent Street Polytechnic

Roger Waters started his musical career while studying architecture together with Nick Mason and Richard Wright. After a number of constellations and band names, the Architectural Abdabs finally became Pink Floyd when Waters' childhood friend Syd Barrett joined the band. In short time they moved from the London underground scene to a record deal. When Syd Barrett left the band again a few years later, Roger Waters gradually became the main creative force in Pink Floyd.

Roger Waters creative visions culminated when he created the concept for an album and a huge tour in 1979. The Wall was in part about his own life and experiences as a rock star. But The Wall also turned into a personal project more than a band effort. Disagreements within the band finally led to Richard Wright leaving the band after The Wall concerts. Roger Waters made one more album with Pink Floyd, The Final Cut in 1983. This album was a follow up to The Wall and dedicated to his father Eric Fletcher Waters, who died during the British invasion in Anzio, Italy during World War 2.

In 1985 Roger Waters officially dissolved the band. But after several trials in the following years, Pink Floyd continued without Roger Waters. Waters continued with a solo career of his own. In 1990 he staged the Wall once again - this time in the middle of Berlin. He has later released several solo albums and even an opera (Ca ira).

On July 2nd 2005 Roger Waters and the old Pink Floyd band mates finally agreed to perform on stage again for a single occasion: the Live 8 rock-event on July 2nd.

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