The Tide is Turning

Roger Waters single released: November 16, 1987.

7" single: EMI EM 37
12" single: EMI 12 EM 37
Cd: EMI CD EM 37

The Tide Is Turning
Money (live)
Get Back To Radio(demo recording)

'Get Back To Radio' is from 'Radio K.A.O.S.' sessions, but was only included on the 12" singles and CD's.

The 'live' recording of Money is actually a studio recording with added sound effects. The lead vocals is by Paul Carrack.



Roger Waters 1987

Lyrics/Music: Waters

Album releases:
The Tide Is Turning (single, 1987)

Like an ember
Glowing in the dark
I have almost grown cold
Frozen like a soldier
Standing by the flag-pole
Like a player they all said was too old

I have been tempted
To hand in my key
But I am not alone
I feel you are with me
I will not be a packet of crap on MTV
I am a man
I will not be a number
Get back to radio
Get back to radio

Now I am a flame
I will be a fire again
Carolyna, give me your hand
Like a volcano
Get ready to blow
The whole generation waits by its radio
God bless Bob Geldof
Get back to radio
Get back to radio
Get back