The Legend of 1900 (1999)

La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull'Oceano

Film starring Tim Roth and directed by Italian director Guiseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso).
Roger Waters co-wrote the song 'Lost Boys Calling' with Italian composer Ennio Morricone.

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The song is produced by Patrick Leonard and is included on the soundtrack. Guitar by Eddie Van Halen. The Italian and the US version of the film has different versions of the song. The biggest difference is the guitar solo. The US soundtrack is released from Sony Classical and a promotion CD including 'Lost Boys Calling' has also been distributed. Roger Waters has released the track on the compilation album Flickering Flame.


Lost Boys Calling

Music/Lyrics: Roger Waters, Ennio Morricone

Album releases: Used in film:
Legend of 1900
Flickering Flame.
Legend of 1900

Come hold me now
I am not gone
I would not leave you here alone
In this dead calm beneath the waves
I can still hear those lost boys calling

You could not speak
You were afraid
To take the risk of being left again
And so you tipped your hat and waved and then
You turned back up the gangway of that steel tomb again

And in that street in July
When I hear those seabirds cry
I hold the child
The child in the man
The child that we leave behind

The spotlight fades
The boys disband
The final notes lies mute upon the sand
And in the silence of the grave
I can still hear those lost boys calling

We left them there
When they were young
The men were gone until the West was won
And now there's nothing left but time to kill
You never took us fishing Dad and now you never will

And in my street in July
When she hears the seabirds cry
She holds the child
The child in the man
The child that we leave behind