David Gilmour tracks and recordings

Discography including albums, original UK singles, soundtracks and a selection of compilations.

Solo Discography

Year Title Original format
1978 David Gilmour LP
1979 There's No Way Out Of Here/Deafinitely single
1984 Blue Light/Cruise single
1984 About Face LP
1984 Love On The Air/Let's Get Metaphysical single
2006 Arnold Layne (feat. David Bowie) single
2006 On An Island CD
2006 Smile Single
2006 Take a Breath Single
2008 Live in Gdansk CD/DVD
2015 Rattle That Lock CD/DVD
2015 Today Single
2015 Rattle That Lock Single
2017 One Of These Days (live at Pompeii) Single
2017 Rattle That Lock (live at Pompeii) Single
2017 Live at Pompeii CD/DVD/BLU
2020 Yes, I Have Ghosts Digi single
2024 The Piper's Call Single
2024 Luck and Strange Album

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Selected collaborations

David Gilmour working with other other artists

Year Title Collaboration with (artist)
1970 The Madcap Laughs Syd Barrett.
1970 Barrett Syd Barrett.
1970 Music from The Body Gilmour participates on Give Birth to A Smile on the soundtrack by Roger Waters & Ron Geesin.
1974 Blue Pine Trees Unicorn. Produced by David Gilmour
1975 Reach For The Sky Sutherland Brothers and Quiver. David Gilmour plays on 'Ain't too proud'.
1975 HQ Roy Harper. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'The Game'. Produced by Peter Jenner.
1975 David Courtney's First Day David Courtney. David Gilmour plays on 'When Your Life Is Your Own'.
1976 Too Many Crooks Unicorn. Produced by David Gilmour. Features original version of 'There's No Way Out Of Here'.
1977 One More Tomorrow Unicorn. Most of the album is produced by David Gilmour.
1977 Slow Dancing/Give And Take Unicorn. Produced and engineered by David Gilmour.
1977 Rachid Bahri Rachid Bahri. David Gilmour plays on 'Olivier De Cromwell Rd' and 'Il Survivra'.Nick Mason plays on 'Il Survivra'.
1978 The Kick Inside Kate Bush. Produced by David Gilmour.
1979 Back To The Egg Wings. With David Gilmour on 'Rockestra Theme' and 'So Glad To See you Here'.
1980 Unknown Soldier Roy Harper. David Gilmour is cowriter and plays guitar on the album, which also includes the first version of Short And Sweet from Gilmours first solo-album. Peter Jenner is executive producer.
1980 Army Dreamers/Passing Through Kate Bush. With David Gilmour (guitar/producer).
1982 The Dreaming Kate Bush. With David Gilmour (backing vocal on 'Pull Out The Pin).
1982 Grand Passion Doll By Doll. David Gilmour plays on 'Boxers Hit Harder When Women Are Around'.
1983 Headline News Atomic Rooster. Featuring David Gilmour on 'Hold Your Fire', 'Metal Minds', 'Land Of Freedom' and 'Time'.
1984 Give My Regards To Broadway Paul McCartney. David Gilmour plays guitar on ballad-version of 'No More Lonely Nights'
1985 Profiles Vocals on 'Lie for a Lie'. Album by Nick Mason & Rick Fenn.
1985 So Red the Rose Arcadia. David Gilmour plays on 'The Promise' and 'Missing'.
1985 The Rabbit Archive Vol.5 John 'Rabbit' Bundrick. David Gilmour produced 'Rabbit Gets Loose'.
1985 Boys and Girls Bryan Ferry, Album featuring David Gilmour on several tracks.
1985 Slave To the Rhythm Grace Jones. Featuring David Gilmour on 'Slave To The Rhythm' and 'The Fashion Show'.
1985 The Dream Academy The Dream Academy. Co-produced by David Gilmour who also plays on 'Life In A Northern Town', 'Bound To Be' and 'The Party'. Engineered by Andy Jackson.
1985 Brother Where You Bound Supertramp. Featuring David Gilmour on 'Brother Where You Bound'.
1985 White City Pete Townshend. David Gilmour wrote the music for 'White City Fighting' (Originally 'Hope' on Roy Harpers 'What Ever Happened to Jugula'). He plays guitar on 'White City' and 'Give Blood'.
1985 What Ever Happened To Jugula Roy Harper. David Gilmour wrote the music for 'Hope'. Pete Townshends version of the song is called 'White City'
1986 In Between Every Line Roy Harper. Includes live-versions of Gilmour/Harper songs 'Short And Sweet' and 'True Story'. Features Jimmy Page on guitar.
1986 Deep End Live Pete Townshend w. Deep End. Featuring David Gilmour
1986 Count Three And Pray Berlin. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'Pink and Velvet'.
1986 Persona Liona Boyd. David Gilmour plays on 'L'Enfant', 'Sorceress' and 'Madonna'. The album is produced by Michael Kamen and engineered by Andy Jackson.
1986 Is Your Love Strong Enough Bryan Ferry, With David Gilmour on the single and video for the song, which was also included on the soundtrack for the Ridley Scott film 'Legend'.
1987 Bête Noire Bryan Ferry, Album featuring David Gilmour on several tracks.
1987 The Secret Policeman's Third Ball Amnesty International album. David Gilmour performs 'Running Up That Hill' with Kate Bush.
1987 She Dalbello. With David Gilmour on 'Immaculate Eyes'.
1988 One More Story Peter Cetera. David Gilmour plays on 'You Never Listen To Me' and 'Body Language'. Album co-produced by Patrick Leonard, who has also contributed to albums by Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.
1988 Stop! Sam Brown. feat. David Gilmour on 'This Feeling' and 'I'll Be In Love'.
1988 Dream Jungle John 'Rabbit' Bundrick. David Gilmour plays on 'Through The Clouds' and 'Conquest'.
1989 Lady Of Time Vicki Brown. With Gilmour on 'Can't Let Go'.
1989 The Sensual World Kate Bush. David Gilmour plays on the songs 'Love And Anger' and 'Rocket's Tail'.
1989 Kite Kirsty MacColl. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'You And Me Baby' and 'No Victims'.
1989 Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'We got Married'.
1989 Transverse City Warren Zevon. David Gilmour plays on 'Run Straight Down'. Engineered by Andy Jackson.
1990 Naked in the rain Blue Pearl is producer 'Youth' and the singer Durga McBroom, who has performed with Pink Floyd. The song featured Gilmour and Rick Wright.
1990 A Different Kind Of Weather The Dream Academy. Produced by David Gilmour and performs on several tracks. The album is co-produced by Anthony Moore and engineered by Andy Jackson, who has also been involved in Pink Floyd albums.
1990 Once Roy Harper. David Gilmour plays on 'Once', 'Once In The Middle of Nowhere' and 'Berliners'.
1990 April Moon Sam Brown. feat. David Gilmour
1990 Other Voices Paul Young. David Gilmour plays on 'Heaven Can Wait' and 'A Little Bit Of Love'.
1990 Concerto For Saxophone Michael Kamen. David Gilmour plays on 'Sasha
1990 About Love And Life Vicki Brown. With Gilmour on 'I Will Always Be Waiting'.
1990 1234 Propaganda. David Gilmour plays on 'Only One Word'.
1991 Living On Love Donovan. David Gilmour plays on 'Lover O Lover', 'Everlasting Sea' and 'I Love The Way You Rock Me'.
1991 Touched by the hand of Jesus All About Eve. David Gilmour plays the guitar on 'Wishing The Hours Away' and 'Are You Lonely'.
1991 The Law The Law. David Gilmour plays on 'Stone'.
1992 The One Elton John. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'Understanding Women'.
1992 Couldn't Love You More John Martyn. David Gilmour plays on 'One World', 'Could've Been Me' and 'Ways To Cry'.
1992 Roé Andres Roé. David Gilmour plays on 'Como El Aqua'.
1992 Growing Up In Public Jimmy Nail. David Gilmour plays on 'Waiting For The Sunshine', 'Only Love'.
1993 No Little Boy John Martyn. David Gilmour plays on 'One World', 'Could've Been Me' and 'Ways To Cry'
1993 Muddy Waters Blues Paul Rodgers. David Gilmour plays on 'Standing Around Crying'.
1994 Atcha Chris Jagger. David Gilmour plays on 'Steal the Time'
1994 Highway To The Sun Snowy White. David Gilmour plays on 'Love, Pain and Sorrow'.
1995 Rock The Zydeco Chris Jagger. Features David Gilmour
1995 Hackers Soundtrack by Guy Pratt. Gilmour plays on 'Combination' (uncredited)
1996 Hope/Eternity Anathema. Coverversion of the Roy Harper/David Gilmour composition 'Hope' which is also known as 'White City' in Pete Townshend's version.
1998 Deuces Wild B.B. King. Features David Gilmour on 'Cryin' Won't Help You Babe'
1998 Period Pieces Peggy Seeger. Featuring David Gilmour on guitar.
1998 Resurrection (S.F. Sorrow) Pretty Things. David Gilmour performed the rock opera 'S.F. Sorrow' together with Pretty Things. The concert was recorded in Abbey Road Studio on 6 September 1998.
1999 Run Devil Run Paul McCartney. Featuring David Gilmour
1999 Dirty Down & Live John Martyn. Live album featuring David Gilmour on Guitar.
1999 Rage Before Beauty Pretty Things. David Gilmour appears with his guitar on 'Love Keeps Hanging On'.
2003 Ringo Rama Ringo Starr feat. David Gilmour on several tracks.
2009 Chicago/Change the World Collaboration w. Bob Geldof, Chriisie Hynde
2010 Metallic Spheres The Orb feat. David Gilmour
2010 Olympia David Gilmour features on album by Bryan Ferry
2014 Hendra Ben Watt. Featuring David Gilmour on 'The Levels'
2022 Gaelia Guitar on the track 'Rock Me' by Donovan