David Gilmour tracks and recordings

Discography including albums, original UK singles, soundtracks and a selection of compilations.

Solo Discography

Year Title Original format
1978 David Gilmour LP
1979 There's No Way Out Of Here/Deafinitely single
1984 Blue Light/Cruise single
1984 About Face LP
1984 Love On The Air/Let's Get Metaphysical single
2006 Arnold Layne (feat. David Bowie) single
2006 On An Island CD
2006 Smile Single
2008 Live in Gdansk CD/DVD
2015 Rattle That Lock CD/DVD
2015 Today Single
2015 Rattle That Lock Single
2017 One Of These Days (live at Pompeii) Single
2017 Rattle That Lock (live at Pompeii) Single
2017 Live at Pompeii CD/DVD/BLU
2020 Yes, I Have Ghosts Digi single

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Selected collaborations

David Gilmour working with other other artists

Year Title Collaboration with (artist)
1991 Touched by the hand of Jesus All About Eve. David Gilmour plays the guitar on 'Wishing The Hours Away' and 'Are You Lonely'.
1996 Hope/Eternity Anathema. Coverversion of the Roy Harper/David Gilmour composition 'Hope' which is also known as 'White City' in Pete Townshend's version.
1985 So Red the Rose Arcadia. David Gilmour plays on 'The Promise' and 'Missing'.
1983 Headline News Atomic Rooster. Featuring David Gilmour on 'Hold Your Fire', 'Metal Minds', 'Land Of Freedom' and 'Time'.
1977 Rachid Bahri Rachid Bahri. David Gilmour plays on 'Olivier De Cromwell Rd' and 'Il Survivra'.Nick Mason plays on 'Il Survivra'.
1986 Count Three And Pray Berlin. David Gilmour plays guitar on 'Pink and Velvet'.
1990 Naked in the rain Blue Pearl is producer 'Youth' and the singer Durga McBroom, who has performed with Pink Floyd. The song featured Gilmour and Rick Wright.
1986 Persona Liona Boyd. David Gilmour plays on 'L'Enfant', 'Sorceress' and 'Madonna'. The album is produced by Michael Kamen and engineered by Andy Jackson.
1990 April Moon Sam Brown. feat. David Gilmour
1988 Stop! Sam Brown. feat. David Gilmour on 'This Feeling' and 'I'll Be In Love'.
1989 Lady Of Time Vicki Brown. With Gilmour on 'Can't Let Go'.
1990 About Love And Life Vicki Brown. With Gilmour on 'I Will Always Be Waiting'.
1985 The Rabbit Archive Vol. 5 John 'Rabbit' Bundrick. David Gilmour produced 'Rabbit Gets Loose'.
1988 Dream Jungle John 'Rabbit' Bundrick. David Gilmour plays on 'Through The Clouds' and 'Conquest'.