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Ron Geesin

Raise Of Eyebrows / As He Stands / Land of Mist (album)
The song 'To Roger Waters Wherever You Are' is a parodi on 'Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Growing With A Pict' and a greeting to Roger Waters. The album was re-released as 'Land Of Mist' in 1995 and the song is also included on the compilation A Saucerful Of Pink. Read more about: Ron Geesin.


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The Gigolo Aunts

American band with name and inspiration from Syd Barrett. See Barrett song: 'Gigolo Aunt'.

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Graded Grains

Coverversion of 'Lucifer Sam'.

Grapes of Wrath

Coverversion of See Emily Play. B-side to the single I am Here (1991).


Masters of Chant Vol.2 (October 2001)

The second CD of "Gregorian-style" coverversions includes Wish You Were Here.

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Die Gruppe

Stein Um Stein
Coverversion of 'Another Brick In The Wall, part two'.


Shamal (album, 1976)
Produced by Nick Mason.

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