Pink Floyd live-album released June 5, 1995

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CD: EMI 7243 8 32702 2 4

Shine On You Crazy Diamond 13.30
Astronomy Domine 5.25
What Do You Want From Me 4.10
Learning To Fly 5.06
Keep Talking 6.56
Coming Back To Life 6.31
Hey You 4.50
A Great Day For Freedom 4.20
Sorrow 10.30
High Hopes 7.48
Another Brick In The Wall, part two 6.50
One Of These Days (only on MC/LP versions)


The Dark Side Of The Moon:  
Speak To Me 2.28
Breathe 2.40
On The Run 3.41
Time / Breathe (reprise) 6.48
The Great Gig In The Sky 5.51
Money 8.46
Us And Them 7.08
Any Colour You Like 3.19
Brain Damage 4.02
Eclipse 1.38
Wish You Were Here 5.40
Comfortably Numb 9.10
Run Like Hell 7.58
Soundscape (only on MC-casette version) 22:00

Pink Floyd:
David Gilmour: lead guitars and lead vocals
Fender Stratocaster Telecaster
Gibson Acoustic Fender
Jedson Lap Steel Guitars
Gibson "Chet Atkins" Classical

Nick Mason: drums and percussion
Drum Workshop Drums and Pedals
Paiste Cymbals Latin Percussion
Promark Drumsticks

Richard Wright: keyboards and vocals
Kurzweil K2000
Kurzweil Midi Board
Hammond B-3


Dick Parry: saxophones
Selmer Super Action Tenor
Selmer SA80-Serie II Baritone

Tim Renwick: guitars, vocals
Tender Custom Shop Stratocaster
Takamine 6 and 12 Acoustic String
Gibson "Chet Atkins" Acoustic
Ovation Hi-String

Gary Wallis: percussion
Drum Workshop Drums and Hardware
Zildjian Cymbals Latin Percussion
Vater Drumsticks
Kurzweil K2000R Sampler

Jon Carin: keyboards, synthesizers and vocals
Kurzweil K2000
Roland MC 500 II Sequencer

Guy Pratt: bass and vocals
1963 Fender Jazz Spector NS2
Status 5 String (Fretted and Fretless)
1951 Fender Precision

Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Claudia Fontaine: backing vocals

Produced by James Guthrie and David Gilmour
Recorded and mixed by James Guthrie
Assistant engineer: Sean O'Dwyer

Recorded live in Europe and the U.K., with Le Voyager 11 Mobile
Recording équipe: René Weis, Bernard 'Papy' Vainer, Roger Robindoré, Manu Dajee, Alain Aboulker

Mixed at Astoria in QSound
Mastered by Doug Sax and Ron Lewter, The Mastering Lab

Equipment technicians:
Phil Taylor: Backline Chief and guitars for David Gilmour
Clive Brooks: drums for Nick Mason
Sid Pryce: Bass guitars for Guy Pratt
Andy Ledbetter: Keyboards for Richard Wright and Jon Carin
Adey Wilson: Guitars for Tim Renwick
Clint Lockyer: Percussion for Gary Wallis

Front of the House Mixer: Andy Jackson
Monitor mixer: Seth Goldman

'This is an analogue recording.'

Album cover design: Storm Thorgerson with Jon Crossland and Finlay Cowen
Graphics and Artwork: Peter Curzon with Julien Mills
Cover photography: Tony May and Andy Earl with Rupert Truman
Computer: Jason Reddy
Live photography: Jill Furmanovsky, Andy Earl, Denis O'Regan, Michael Dwornik, Tony May, Dimo Safari, Lester Cohen, Claude Gassian

With thanks to: Marc Brickman, Mark Fisher and Robbie Williams
and all the crew who worked on the tour between March and October 1994

Management: Steve O'Rourke, EMKA Productions Ltd

PULSE: Recording-dates

The official live-video was recorded at Earls Court October 20, 1994. The recordings for the live-album 'Pulse' is from various concerts from August to October 1994.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond London, 20 October 1994
Astronomy Domine London, 15 October 1994
What Do You Want From Me Rome, 21 September 1994
Learning To Fly London, 14 October 1994
Keep Talking Hannover, 17 August 1994
Coming Back To Life London, 13 October 1994
Hey You London, 13 + 15 (last verse) October 1994
A Great Day For Freedom London, 19 October 1994
Sorrow Rome, 20 September 1994
High Hopes London, 20 October 1994
Another Brick In The Wall, part two London, 21 October 1994
One Of These Days (only on MC/LP) London, 16 + 20 (last part) October 1994
Speak To Me London, 20 October 1994
Breathe London, 20 October 1994
On The Run London, 20 October 1994
Time Rome, 20 September 1994;
Breathe (reprise) Modena, 17 September (intro);
The Great Gig In The Sky London, 15 October
Money Rome, 20 September 1994;
Us And Them London, 20 October
Any Colour You Like London, 20 October 1994
Brain Damage Modena, 17 September 1994
Eclipse London, 20 + 19 (2nd + 3 chorus) October 1994
Wish You Were Here London, 23 + 19 October 1994 (last part)
Comfortably Numb London, 19 October 1994
Run Like Hell London, 19 October 1994
Soundscape (only on MC): Studiorecording


Pink Floyd 1994

Music: Pink Floyd

Album releases:
PULSE (MC only)

Long Instrumental piece of mainly sound effects which were played before the concerts. It was ONLY included on the casette (MC) version of PULSE.