Live in GDansk

David Gilmour live album released together with DVD

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Release date: September 22nd, 2008 (Europe)
September 23rd (North America), September 27th (Australia), October 8th (Japan)

David Gilmour live - DVD. Released in different boxed editions with the live CD.

This last concert on David Gilmour's 2006 Summer Tour was held in front of 50,000 people at the shipyards in Gdańsk, Poland, at the request of the Gdańsk Foundation.


Track listing

CD 1 (Live in Gdansk, part 1):

  1. Speak To Me
  2. Breathe
  3. Time / Breathe (Reprise)
  4. Castellorizon
  5. On An Island
  6. The Blue
  7. Red Sky At Night
  8. This Heaven
  9. Then I Close My Eyes
  10. Smile
  11. Take A Breath
  12. A Pocketful Of Stones
  13. Where We Start

CD 2 (Live in Gdansk, part 2):

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  2. Astronomy Domine
  3. Fat Old Sun
  4. High Hopes
  5. Echoes
  6. Wish You Were Here
  7. A Great Day For Freedom
  8. Comfortably Numb

CD 3 (Live tracks recorded during the 2006 tour)

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Live In Venice And Vienne)
  2. Dominoes (Live In Paris)
  3. The Blue (Live In Vienne)
  4. Take A Breath (Live In Munich)
  5. Wish You Were Here (Live In Glasgow)
  6. Coming Back To Life (Live In Florence)
  7. Find The Cost Of Freedom (Live In Manchester)
  8. This Heaven (Live In Vienne)
  9. Wearing The Inside Out (Live In Milan)
  10. A Pocketful Of Stones (Live In Vienne)
  11. Where We Start (Live In Vienne)
  12. On The Turning Away (Live In Venice)

DVD 1 (Live in Gdansk):

  1. Castellorizon
  2. On An Island
  3. The Blue
  4. Red Sky At Night
  5. This Heaven
  6. Then I Close My Eyes
  7. Smile
  8. Take A Breath
  9. A Pocketful Of Stones
  10. Where We Start
  11. Astronomy Domine
  12. High Hopes
  13. Echoes
  14. A Great Day For Freedom
  15. Comfortably Numb
  16. (Credits) - Wot's... Uh the Deal

+ Gdańsk Diary (37-minutes documentary)


DVD 2 (Bonus clips + Surround sound version of the entire album On An Island)

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (From The BBC Mermaid Theatre Concert)
  2. Wearing the Inside Out (From The BBC Mermaid Theatre Concert)
  3. Comfortably Numb (From The BBC Mermaid Theatre Concert)
  4. On An Island (AOL Sessions)
  5. High Hopes (AOL Sessions)
  6. The Blue (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
  7. Take A Breath (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
  8. Echoes (Acoustic) (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
  9. Barn Jam 166 (January 2007)
  10. Barn Jam 192 (January 2007)
  11. Barn Jam 121 (January 2007)
  12. Castellorizon (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  13. On An Island (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  14. The Blue (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  15. Take A Breath (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  16. Red Sky At Night (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  17. This Heaven (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  18. Then I Close My Eyes (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  19. Smile (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  20. A Pocketful Of Stones (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  21. Where We Start (5.1 Surround Sound Version)
  22. (Credits) - Red Sky At Night

The "Barn Jams" are live jam recordings filmed in Gilmour's barn with Richard Wright, Steve DiStanislao and Guy Pratt.