Radio K.A.O.S.

Roger Waters video-ep from Radio K.A.O.S. Released 1988

PMI CMV 1101 
Music Club MC 2128
  1. Radio Waves 
  2. Sunset Strip 
  3. Four Minutes 
  4. The Tide Is Turning

Running time: 20 min.

Bleeding Heart Band:

Roger Waters - vocals, guitars, bass and the odd keyboard
Jay Stapley - electric guitars
Andy Fairweather Low - electric guitars
Mel Collins - saxophones
Graham Broad - drums and percussion
Ian Ritchie - Fairlight programming, drum programming, piano, keyboards
Kate Kissoon, Doreen Chanter - backing vocals
Jim Ladd is the DJ

All titles produced by Ian Ritchie & Roger Waters
Special thanks to Cynthia Fox and Pat Kelly
Original videos directed by Willie Smax
Adaption and post-production direction: Nick Thompson.


Radio Waves

The Tide is Turning