Pink Floyd The Wall

Brick By Brick...

A breakdown of the movie:  PINK FLOYD - THE WALL 

Movie outline

The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (Vera Lynn).    
Int. a hotel in Los Angeles, today  
A maid is vacuum cleaning a long hotel corridor.
Title-credits. 2.
When The Tigers broke Free, part one    
Int. a trench somewhere in the European war zone, WW2   
Pinks father is sitting in a trench cleaning his gun. Sounds of bombs and war. The camera zooms in on his paraffin lamp. Dissolve to...
Ext. a field in England, the fifties.   
A boy (Pink) is running towards the camera.
The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (Vera Lynn).    
Int. a hotel in Los Angeles, today    
The maid is knocking on the door to Pink's hotel room Inside the room Pink is sitting in his armchair. He doesn't react on the knocking but the sound makes him think back...  The maid is rattling her keys and tries to open the door. But there is a chain on the inside.
In The Flesh?   
Stadium Concert, L.A., today  
A wild crowd of fans are forcing a big gate to open. They run out, shouting. Police use brutal methods when they try to get control. The scene is in a montage with violent scenes from the war zone, WW2.
A balcony, today or future vision   
'Nazi-Pink' is stepping out on the balcony at a concert-gig or fascist-rally. He is dressed in his uniform with all hair shaved off. He is making a speech to the crowd of young audience
Ext. War zone, WW2   
Planes are attacking. Pink's father is trying to call for help, but is killed by a diving plane.
Ext. Mum's House, England, WW2   
Back home in England Pink's mother is sitting in the garden still not aware what has happened. Pink is only a baby sleeping in his baby carriage. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is in contrast to the war. There is crosscutting to the dead father.
The Thin Ice   
Ext. Pool at a penthouse-room in a Los Angeles hotel, today   
Pink is floating in a rooftop pool. There is blood in the pool coming from a cut in Pink's wrist. He has tried to kill himself and is now floating with the arms out in a crucifixion position. Cut to a church with the white cross in the Union Jack.
Another Brick In The Wall, part one    
Int. Church, England, the fifties   
Pink (boy) is in church with his mother. She is crying. Pink is playing with a toy fighter-plane.
Ext. Playground, England, the fifties   
Pink is on the playground. He is alone, missing his father. He is looking at the other boys playing with their fathers.
The Tigers Broke Free, part two   
Int. Mum's house, England, late fifties   
Pink is a little older now. He is coming home from school, taking something to eat in the kitchen and then sneaking in to the mothers room. In a drawer he finds his fathers uniform, razor, some bullets and a letter from 'kind old King George'. He is putting on the uniform and sees the fathers reflection in the mirror.
Goodbye Blue Sky   
Ext. Mum's House, England, WW2   
In the garden. Pink is crying in the baby-carriage. A white dove is flying away to avoid a cat.
Animated sequence   
The dove is transforming to a black eagle and then to a metal bird and a deadly fighter plane Other bombers are transforming to white crosses on the sky. A soldier is dropping dead. The British flag is falling apart and turns to a bloody cross.
Ext. Around the railway, England, the fifties   
Pink (boy) took some bullet cartridges from the drawer at home. Together with some other boys he wants to put them on the rails, to make them explode when the train passes. Pink is the last one to run away just a second before the train comes. He is trapped in a tunnel and pressed against the wall when the train passes. He is scared. Arms and hands are reaching towards him from the train as a parallel to the German transport of Jews during WW2. The persons in the train has no faces. Also Pink's face disappears. As he looks away he sees the schoolteacher.
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives   
Int. School, England   
The school's teachers is marching like soldiers to their classes. The schoolteacher is making a fool of Pink(boy) in front of the class. He is reading a poem ('Money') that Pink wrote, laughing at it and beating Pink on his fingers.
Int. The Teachers home   
Teacher is having dinner with his wife. He is being humiliated by the wife, and he dreams about punishing the kids in school.
Another Brick In The Wall, part two   
Int. the school   
Faceless students is on an assembly line. The teacher is commanding them around like small soldiers. The pupils are singing, but all of them goes down a huge mincing machine. Suddenly the pupils are making rebellion. They drop the masks and starts smashing up the school.
Int. a hotel in Los Angeles, today    
Pink is in his hotel-room. The phone rings, but he doesn't answer. After a while he makes a call, which nobody replies.
Crosscut sequence:   
Pink hugs his pillow/his wife/his mother.   
Pink (boy) is send to the school head teacher.   
Pink (boy) is smoking cigarettes in his room and watching a woman undress in the opposite house.   
The wife of Pink (man) comes home and finds him after smoking hash.   
Pink (boy) is sick. He stays in his mothers bed.   
Pink (man) is rejected by his wife.   
Pink (boy) finds a skeleton next to mother in the bed.   
Pink (man) is getting married in the city hall.   
The wife is coming home and can't reach Pink through the drugs. She leaves again.   
Rock star Pink is in an American airport with his manager.   
The wife is depressed.   
In the hotel room: Pink is crashing a glass with his foot. He calls home to England,   
but the wife is attending a demonstration against nuclear-weapon.   
Pink (boy) is at a dancing class. He is dancing with a big girl reminding of the mother.   
The wife is flirting with a anti-nuclear-man at the demonstration.   
Pink is suffering on the bed in the hotel room.   
He calls home from a phone booth in the U.S. The wife is sleeping with the nuclear-man. The man hangs up the phone, when it is ringing.   
Pink goes down next to the phone booth.
What Shall We Do Now?   
Animated sequence   
Two flowers are "mating", but it turns into a bloody fight between dragons and sexes. The Wall. Guitars. Machine-guns. Violence. A hammer hits against the camera-lens. 
Ext. a street in England,  today   
A shop window has been crashed. The thieves are violently arrested by police, while old ladies steels from the shop.
Young Lust   
Int. a concert hall, Los Angeles, today   
There is a backstage party after one of Pink's performances. Some groupies trick the guards and roadies to give them, backstage passes. Pink is watching the party through his dark sunglasses, then he goes back into his dressing room. One of the groupies follows him and attempts to take of the sunglasses.
One Of my Turns   
Int. Penthouse Hotel room, Los Angeles, today   
Pink and the groupie are entering the room. The girl is talking, but Pink throws himself in front of the TV showing the same old war film (The Dam Busters from 1954). Suddenly Pink goes crazy and starts throwing everything around him. He is chasing the scared girl and throws the TV out of the window. He almost makes the jump.
Don't Leave Me Now   
Ext. Pool at a penthouse-room in a Los Angeles hotel, today   
Pink is in the pool after cutting his artery.   
Flashback: He is sleeping with his wife.   
Pink is now sitting in the armchair. Blood is still dripping from his hand. A shadow on the wall transforms into a vagina-monster. He is scared a tries to run for cover in a corner of the room.   
Flashback: The wife is sleeping with the nuclear-man.
Another Brick In The Wall, part three   
int. hotel-room in Los Angeles, today   
Pink is crashing a TV-set repeating a Deborah Kerr/Stewart Granger film kiss from 'King Solomon's Mines' (1950).   
Flash backs: The wife, the war, the school riots, the playground, the parents, the wedding, police, TV and... the wall.
Goodbye Cruel World   
int. hotel-room in the Los Angeles, today   
Pink is in his chair, totally lost from this world.
Ext. a field in England, the fifties.   
Pink (boy) is running. He stops and finds something in the grass.
Is There Anybody Out There   
Ext. The wall   
Without luck Pink tries to crash the wall or get over it.
Int. hotel-room in Los Angeles, today   
Pink is in the room. He is on the floor playing with all the things that he broke. He goes to the bathroom and shaves away all hair and eyebrows. He splashes water on his body and breaks the razor blade with his fingertips. He steps out transformed to the fascist Pink.
Nobody Home  
Int. hotel-room in the Los Angeles, today  
Nazi-Pink is zapping around on the TV. He stops for a moment when he sees a deep film kiss. He hits the remote control and the phone and destroys it. We are seeing the wedding photo. 
Ext. field, England  
Barbed wire with hammers.  
Pink is sitting on the English field watching TV. Suddenly it is the boy Pink sitting in the armchair.  He gets up and walks around passing the barbed wire and the hammers. He enters some deserted factory buildings. In a corner he finds the grown up Pink very frightened and mad-looking. Pink (boy) is scared a runs back across the field. He is now walking around in a trench during the war. All the soldiers are dead. He is watching Pink (man)  who is still watching TV on the field.
Watching TV  
Ext. train station, England, 1945 
Soldiers are returning home after the war. Families and wifes are welcoming them home. Pink is looking for his father, but he is not there.
Bring The Boys Back Home  
Ext. train station, England, 1945 
Children and soldiers sing. Only Pink is alone. Everybody leaves and only Pink is left on the station watching TV.
Int. Hotel room, Los Angeles, today 
Pink is sitting in what is left of his room, watching TV. The maid is knocking on the door and trying to get in.
Comfortably Numb 
Int. hotel room, Los Angeles, today 
The manager,  a doctor and the hotel manager is entering the room finding Pink unconscious.
Crosscut sequence: 
Pink (boy) is running on the field, finding a sick rat. He takes it home and shows it to his mother, who yells at him. He hides it from her. 
The mother, the father, the doctor and some soldiers is passing Pink (boy) in the trench. 
At home: Pink (boy) is sick. 
Hotel: Pink (man) is given an injection and starts waking up a little. 
Pink (boy) is well again and runs out to find that the rat is dead. He throws it away.  
Hotel: Pink (man) is dragged out of the hotel and put into a big black car. He transforms through the worms to the nazi-Pink in a black uniform.
In the Flesh 
Int. the concert hall/fascist-rally 
The nazis are marching to the stage. The skinhead audience is screaming when Pink appears and he kisses the small children and old ladies as another Hitler. Banners with the hammer-symbol is hang everywhere. There are guards with dogs and the fans are wearing "hate" T-shirts. Pink is making his song/speech and starts the trial against the 'wrong' and week people.
Run Like Hell 
Ext. "City of fascism", UK 
The Fascist worms are marching in the streets and hunting the people who doesn't "fit". Violence is total and people are hanged. A girl is being raped.
Waiting For The Worms 
Ext. "City of fascism", UK 
The fascists are marching. The hammer flags are rising everywhere and Pink is shouting his orders.
Animated sequence: 
Marching hammers.
Int. Toilet at concert hall, Los Angeles. 
A guard  finds a pretty lousy Pink on one of the toilets. Pink is 'singing' words which would later become part of Your Possible Pasts. After this he sings Stop and his breakdown is total.
The Trial 
Animated sequence: 
The prosecutor is preparing for trial and enters. 
First witness is the school teacher. 
Second witness is the Mother 
Third witness is the wife. 
The judge is finding Pink guilty and demands that the wall should be taken down.
Flash backs: 
The wall is crashing and we see quick flash backs from the whole movie.
Outside The Wall 
Ext. streets, "the day after" 
Some kids are playing around trying to make some order in the mess. A boy is tasting and pouring the content of a molotov cocktail. The image is frozen.
End credits. 47.

Outline recreated from the movie by Jacob Crawfurd, 1994.