Arnold Layne

CD/7" single by David Gilmour released 2006. Featuring David Bowie and Rick Wright.
Label: EMI records

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  1. Arnold Layne feat. David Bowie - 3:30
  2. Arnold Layne feat. Richard Wright - 3:24
  3. Dark Globe - 2:23

Track 1 & 2:

David Gilmour: vocals & guitar
Richard Wright: vocals & keyboards. (Lead vocals on track 2)
Phil Manzanera: guitar & vocals
Guy Pratt: bass & vocals
Jon Carin: keyboards, steel guitar & vocals
Steve Di Stanislao: drums & vocals
David Bowie (lead vocals on track 1)

Track 1 recorded 29 May 2006 at the Royal Albert Hall, London
Track 2 recorded 30 or 31 May 2006 at the Royal Albert Hall, London

Track 3

David Gilmour: lead vocals and guitar

Track 3 recorded 27 July 2006 at Burg Clam, Austria

All tracks produced by David Gilmor and mixed by Andy Jackson and David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins and Devin Workman.

Dedicated to the memory of Syd Barrett