Wouldn't You Miss Me

Best Of Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett compilation released from EMI: April 16 2001

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The CD is a UK-compilation of 22 songs. Most interesting is the previously unreleased Barrett composition Bob Dylan's Blues. The recording (from February 1970) has been in David Gilmour's private collection untill now. Two Of a Kind is a recording from the Peel Sessions. The remaining songs are from Syd's two solo-albums and Opel.


  1. Octopus
  2. Late night
  3. Terrapin
  4. Swan Lee
  5. Wolf pack
  6. Golden hair
  7. Here I go
  8. Long gone
  9. No good trying
  10. Opel
  11. Baby lemonade
  12. Gigolo aunt
  13. Dominoes
  14. Wouldn't you miss me
  15. Wined and dined
  16. Effervescing elephant
  17. Waving my arms in the air
  18. I never lied to you
  19. Love song
  20. Two of a kind (BBC session track)
  21. Bob Dylan's blues
  22. Golden hair (instrumental -from Opel)


Syd Barrett 1970

Lyrics/Music: Barrett

Album releases:
Wouldn't You Miss Me
An Introduction to Syd Barrett

The song was recorded during a session in February 1970 but has not been released untill 2001.

I've got the Bob Dylan Blues
I've got the Bob Dylan Blues
My hair and my hat's in a mess
But I don't give a damn about that!