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Andrew (Andy) Jackson

Recording engineer, musician

Andy Jackson has been working with Pink Floyd since he was part of the engineering crew for the soundtrack of Pink Floyd The Wall. After this he engineered The Final Cut, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell and mixed the tour that became Pulse. He has also worked on the Roger Waters solo release The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking and David Gilmour's About Face.

In 2000 Andy Jackson released his first solo-album Obvious.

Peter Jenner

Manager and producer
Born: 1944

Studied economy at Cambridge University and had close contact to the underground scene of London in the sixties. Peter Jenner and Andrew King became the first mangers of Pink Floyd from October 1966. They formed a partnership with Pink Floyd called Blackhill Enterprises, named after Jenner and King's farmhouse in Wales. Jenner's voice is heard in the beginning of Astronomy Domine. He produced some of the songs for Syd Barrett's solo debut The Madcap Laughs.

After the exclusion of Syd Barrett in 1968 Jenner and King broke up with Pink Floyd (or was fired), but they continued as managers for other British rock names like Marc Bolan, The Clash, Kevin Ayers and Roy Harper.

Today Peter Jenner is the manager of Billy Bragg a.o. He is also involved with 'Music Managers Forum' and 'the Association for United Recording Artists' whose goal it is to secure the artists rights of their recordings.


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