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Gerald Scarfe

Designer, cartoonist, animator
Born: 1936, London

Being a political, sarcastic cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe has contributed to the magazines Punch, Private Eye, Time Magazine a.o. He is also known for his animated title sequence for the British TV-show "Yes, Prime Minister". In 1979 he designed the cover for the Wall and in the following years he had a big influence on the Wall concerts. For the concerts he designed giant puppets and film clips to be shown on the wall. In 1982 he directed the animation sequences of the movie: Pink Floyd - The Wall.

On the DVD version he can be heard discussing the production with Roger Waters.

Visit the official Gerald Scarfe website.

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Barbet Schroeder

Film director, producer and film critic
Born: April, 26, 1941 in Teheran, Iran
Education: Sorbonne, Paris (philosophy)

Schroeder has directed several films through the years, among them is to films with music by Pink Floyd: More (1969) and The Valley/La Vallée (1972). In 1974 he made a documentary about Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

Today he is probably more known for Barfly (1987), Single White Female (1992) and Desperate Measures (1997).


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Norman Smith

Musician and producer

Hurricane SmithNorman Smith produced the two first album of Pink Floyd. Before this he was best known as the engineer on all the Beatles albums until "Rubber Soul". His work with Piper At The Gates Of Dawn prevented him from working on Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band which was recorded at the same time in a neighboring studio.

In 1972 he had a hit with the song "Oh babe, what would you say?" under the name Hurricane Smith (you know it when you hear it). Norman Smith passed away 3rd March 2008.

Norbert StachelNorbert Stachel

Musician (Saxophone, flute, keyboards, bass, percussion and more)
Born: August 19, 1961, USA

Norbert Stachel has worked live and in the studio with a huge number of great artists including Prince, Sheila "E", Les McCann, Andrew Hill, Charlie Haden, Ray Obiedo, Diana Ross and Boz Scaggs. He joined Roger Waters for gigs on the 2000-leg of the US tour - thus he can be heard on the live album: In The Flesh and DVD. Norbert Stachel will be a permanent member of Roger Waters band on the 2002 World tour.

Visit the homepage for Norbert Stachel here: www.purpleroom.net


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