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Ron Geesin

Musician, composer, designer
Born 1943

Jazz pianist and avant garde musician became acknowledged for the album 'A Raising Of The Eyebrows' in the mid-sixties. Geesin did not know about Pink Floyd when he met with Nick Mason and Roger Waters in 1968. He composed a piece for flute and organ for Mason's wife Lindy. The music was later used on a Pete Townshend album in tribute to the guru Meher Baba. Geesin later composed music to a documentary on motor-sport directed by Nick Mason's father. When asked to compose the soundtrack for another documentary, the Body, he asked Roger Waters to join him. Geesin worked a lot with sound effects and strange ideas for the soundtrack but he was not keen on writing songs.

The influence of Ron Geesin to Pink Floyd is very clear on Atom Heart Mother where he is credited as composer and musician. Geesin has later worked as studio engineer and has made a number of solo-albums mostly for a small avant garde audience.

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David J. Gilmour

David GilmourGuitarist and singer in Pink Floyd
Born: March 6, 1946, Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge

When Syd Barrett became too unstable the other members of Pink Floyd decided to get a new guitarist for the band. Jeff Beck was considered but found too expensive. Instead they chose David Gilmour who had been noticed as singer and guitarist in Jokers Wild. When Gilmour took over the guitar he was accused by many for copying Syd's style. But in fact they were old childhood friends and Gilmour was the one teaching Barrett how to play a guitar.

David Gilmour Gilmour became a full member of the band already from their second album A Saucerful Of Secrets and he has been the front figure after the break with Roger Waters in 1985. With new albums (Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell) and two world tours he has managed to revive the success of the band and secure a new generation of Floyd fans. If Gilmour lacks a little of Roger Waters' creative and composing force, there is no doubt he is among the finest guitar players in the world.

In the early Nineties Gilmour was divorced from his wife Ginger. He now lives with Polly Samson, a journalist who has also been writing some of the lyrics for the Division Bell. He has four children with Ginger and a son (1991) with Polly Samson. Gilmour is a neighbour to his friend and band mate Nick Mason in Maida Vale, London -and has a fully equipped recording studio (The Astoria) on his houseboat on Thames.

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James Guthrie

Producer and studio engineer on a number of Pink Floyd and solo albums starting with The Wall in 1979. Guthrie was also responsible for the sound at the live performances of The Wall. Guthrie remastered Dark Side of The Moon for the 20th anniversary edition. James Guthrie produced the Roger Waters 2000 live-album In The Flesh and the Pink Floyd compilation Echoes.

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