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Blue Pine Trees (album: Charisma CAS 1092, 1974)
Produced by David Gilmour

Too Many Crooks (album: Harvest EMI SHSP 4054, 1976)
Produced by David Gilmour. Features original version of 'There's No Way Out Of Here'.

One More Tomorrow (album: Harvest EMI SHSP 4067, 1977)
Most of the album is produced by David Gilmour.

Slow Dancing/Give And Take (7" single: Harvest EMI HAR 5126, 1977)
Produced and engineered by David Gilmour.

Best of Unicorn (compilation CD, 2000)
Produced by guest star David Gilmour.


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Us and Them

Symphonic Pink Floyd (cd/tape)
Orchestral coverversions, 1995. London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Peter Scholes.




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