Another version

The songs of Pink Floyds has been copied, quoted, covered, sampled and performed by an endless number of known and unknown artists. The music has served as inspiration for so many other musicians and several has recorded their tribute. Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 is probably the most widely known hit by Pink Floyd and the song serves well as an example. The list below is probably not complete, but it gives an idea of how many different versions have been recorded by other artists.

Another Brick In The Wall

Coverversions etc. recorded by the following artists:

The Acid Drinkers
Alex Bollard Assembly
The Barron Knights
Bob Rivers
Blue Floyd
Carter, The Unstopable Sex Machine
Class of '99
Die Gruppe
London Symphony Orchestra
The National Philharmonic
The Orb
Out Of Phase
David Palmer & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Pearl Jam
Pink Project
Eric Burdon
Alex Xenophon
Motor Industries
Controlled Bleeding
A Bluegrass Tribute
The Crack Of Doom
Luther Wright and the Wrongs
Weird Al Yankovic
The Step Kings
String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd

+ at least 4 different versions recorded by Pink Floyd and 2 by Roger Waters solo.

(list NOT complete)