From Associated Press, January 14, 2002

Pink Floyd's Gilmour Donates House

LONDON (AP) - Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is giving the proceeds from the sale of his London house to a charity.

Gilmour sold the home to Earl Spencer - brother of the late Princess Diana - for $6.48 million, and gave the money to Crisis, which helps homeless people, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

``I don't need the money and I just thought it would be a good thing to do,'' the paper quoted him as saying. ``I've had that house for nearly 20 years. It's made a fat profit and I've scarcely used it for the last six or seven years.''

Gilmour, 54, lives in a farmhouse in West Sussex and owns a house in Greece.

The Independent newspaper reported that he'd originally bought the London home for $430,000. But Gilmour said he'd grown tired of having too many expensive possessions.

``You collect Ferraris and then you've got to collect people to look after your Ferraris, and you've got to collect buildings to house the Ferraris,'' The Sunday Telegraph quoted him as saying. ``Life gets very complicated. And eventually, at least in my case, you think 'I don't need this stuff.' And suddenly life gets simpler.''

Gilmour is a regular donor to Crisis through his foundation, the DG Charitable Trust.

The Independent quoted a Crisis spokeswoman as saying the group had yet to receive final confirmation of the gift but was in talks with Gilmour.

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