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cyrus, Iran 01-01-1970 00:00:00

Run rabbit, run!

Nancy LaValley, USA 01-01-1970 00:00:00

Actually Pink Floyd is the best group ever. divinely inspired. In fact their song Echoes was the first "New Age" piece of music ever recorded. They were always ahead of their time and their music will alway be timeless and classic. David Gilmour' guitar work is unsurpassed by anyone. I think "Dark Side of the Moon" was the best album ever recorded, but "Momentary Laps of Reason" is not far behind. The words are meaningful and elicit emotion from me every time I listen to it. I'm heartbroken that they broke up - as there are no groups out today that can even vaguely compare with anything they ever did. What is David Gilmour doing today? I would buy anything by him.

Veronica, Italy 01-01-1970 00:00:00

Bests Complimets!!!

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