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noltecod, USA 10-07-2005 02:11:51

.....and if you survive till 2005,....... You can reunite!!!

Shine on all!!
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MIKE, GB 07-07-2005 08:12:13

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Bill, USA 06-07-2005 23:50:53

The BBC is running an online pole for the best performance of live 8.


Please go there and express your opinion.

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poul, Denmark 19-06-2005 08:17:09

look around and choose your own ground
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Harvey, UK 15-06-2005 06:53:29

What the Floyd play at Live 8 will to some extent depend upon the time and facilities allotted, but, for me, there is one very primary candidate as the principal (and possibly only) piece of any set, and I am sure it will come as no surprise that my candidate is “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond”. My reasons are as follows:

1. It is truly a “band” piece of music, to which everyone contributed creatively and musically, co-sung by David and Roger, paying tribute to Sid.

2. It is generally regarded as the seminal work, usually gets the highest vote of any PF piece in any Hall of Fame chart, and is probably the piece that most fans would want to hear

3. It would be a fitting tribute to the 30th anniversary of the masterpiece album “Wish You Were Here”

4. It is a piece which to my thinking is not over reliant on sound effects and hi-tech equipment, nor one which the band would find difficult to play on limited rehearsal time, with the bare minimum of musical back-up.

My suggestion to make the occasion unique is to play Shine On, as God intended, as one continuous piece of music, not omitting the final moving closing section. Wow!

For the encore “Comfortably Numb” of course.
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Billy, Amsterdam, Holland 13-06-2005 14:29:21

I've just recovered from the shock of reading that RW will be joining the band again. Let's hope it isn't only a *one-off* show. Easily the best news I've heard this year. Fantastic!!

Peace&Puddles to you all, great website btw.
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T. MURRAY, U.S.A 13-06-2005 02:42:12

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Bob rickson, USA 11-06-2005 13:52:18

Thanks for the best site in the world.

Pink FLoyd deservs exactly what you credit them with this hyperbase of pure facts. Whenever I have an internal dispute I check here first. Thanks!
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Kelly, USA 10-06-2005 20:53:36

sent a message, but dont know when it will get anyone reading this, if you know, can you tell me...

what kind of screenplay is Pink Floyd the movie? is it a original, adapted screenplay or what? someone out there with the movie, can you check for me?

thank you and love you all
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which one's pink?, romania 04-06-2005 22:11:56

you are not as fat as you imagine, you are fater
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kiarash lajevard, iran 29-05-2005 17:32:56

the light was brighter
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BP, Canada 28-05-2005 23:05:04

Pink Floyd is too good for words. If you put it on as background music, its wonderful, if you put it on just to listen to its just as good. The lyrics, the melodies, vocals, the instruments, the depth are always perfectly crafted. Each song is a testament to how intelligent and creative its creators are. I have listened to over 900 hours of Pink Floyd, I own all DVDs and CDs, other bands do come along that spark my interest, but they all get tired and die off. The Pink Floyd is a band that will remain timeless long after we have all expired. Your site truly does this phenomenal band justice. I thank you.
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Mike, us 18-05-2005 01:44:03

This is the BEST site for pink floyd hands down. I've never seen so much info in one place before. Nice work
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Nitin, India 12-05-2005 08:30:07

Since the last few months, I've been an-almost-daily visitor of this site. It definitely is a comprehensive "hyper" base as far as providing info about Pink Floyd is concerned.
Just one suggestion - most of the lyrics don't contain the "spoken voices" (apart from the "sung voices", i.e.) - so it would be great if they can be updated.
I would love to contribute in this process, if required.
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Jesper, Denmark 07-05-2005 10:52:09

Thank you so much. This is the best Pink Floyd website ever.
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arnold 06-05-2005 17:29:23

one of the best site of the world because there is al the words of all the songs
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Melissa, USA, Mi 04-05-2005 16:58:49

Today is my 13th birthday. And my locker is all decerated and pretty. and my friends cleaned my locker for me. I feel sooooo special. GO MELISSA
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poul, denmark 23-04-2005 07:47:27

the word is out, that pulse is being reissued as a dvd this least that is what i hear from my local dvd dealer.
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rodney, america 05-04-2005 22:14:37

will "Pulse" be re-released to DVD..? When..?
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Clark SMITH, U.S.A. 03-04-2005 14:41:53

This site is very informative and I wished I discovered it sooner.
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jake collins, england 01-04-2005 19:35:48

hey great site helped me alot with finding out about the greates band ever!!!
gd job
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Craig, Andorra 27-03-2005 20:14:01

Cheers, u've really let me know about the floyd. The are the greartest rock band ever. I recently got I there anybody out there and i think it's there best album.
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Peter Ellis, England 25-03-2005 15:08:14

hello to all im reading this on a national day off here .Does anyone know the title of the bbc concert in the 70s where floyd played dark side in its entireity.Iye been looking for this for many years now.
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David P., USA 23-03-2005 03:52:49

As a devoted fan of Pink Floyd, I wish to say that there is not a day that goes by, when I do find inspiration from their music in some form or another, they have allowed me to transcend the average everyday life, and look brightly into the future with their candid no-apology way they shine like diamonds. And wash their tide of musical melange over us.
I hope more people find their pace in the world, and listen to the sounds of what real emotion driven, and lyrical masterpieces Pink Floyd is.
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aaron, Phoenix Az, USA 19-03-2005 15:29:41

It would be great if they all got together again just for the sake of making great music. God knows they've made enough cake. I used to think Roger Waters was Pink Floyd and in a sense he was, I mean he did write the lyrics and come up with the concepts but without David Gilmour's guitar or Nick Mason's drums or Richard Wright's keyboard work DSOM for example wouldn't have flown. Without Gilmour especially we wouldn't have all those awesome licks. Maybe Roger came up with most of the chord sequences but so what. Look man the best Music riff Roger Waters ever wrote was in 'Money'. Anyway- David Gilmour may have to hire a team of lyricists but the dude can rock that axe like no one on earth. And he's not the egomaniac Roger Waters is. You should all check out his DVD release- if you can find it- of an acoustic concert he did a few years ago in London. Which one's Pink? Man they were all Pink and Roger Waters is Roger Waters. C Ya on the D Side!
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Webmaster comment:

David Gilmour live DVD

Tom, US of A 16-03-2005 03:45:00

Pf is definatly the best band ever, im only 15 but ive been a fan as long as i can remember (my brother was, and still is, a huge fan)i remember the wish you were here album cover hanging on my brothers wall and thinking to myself that the dude on fire was in too much pain to be shaking someones hand, lol. JC u are the coolest dude, you made the bst site, thx to you i have convinced about 5 of my friends that PF is the best band ever. i have a couple of questions, Why do you not mention Echoes in the Garden?, and Is it true about PF getting an entire wing of the Rock & Roll hall of fame dedicated to them? PF rules, PFhyperbase rules, Atom Heart Mother rules, More rules, may they all live on forever
-----/\====== DSotM rules too
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks a lot Tom. I only mention the official PF releases on this site. 'Echoes in the Garden' is a bootleg recording.

scott, usa 09-03-2005 23:00:00

i love pink floyd and what they do for me. i am especially in love with older floyd songs and albums. seeing them play in 'live at pompeii' is really quiet amazing and emotional for me!!! (not as in crying)

Murray, USA 01-01-1970 00:00:00

anyone know how to get a copy of the FINAL CUT EP?VIDEOS on dvd?
great site by the way!

james k winch, wales 01-01-1970 00:00:00

i wish i could express the deep and comforting effect,in fact, your music has touched every part of my soul and i only wish that one day i may have the unbelievable honour of shaking david gilmour's hand, to say thank you for saving my life,maybe one day?

Misty Hill, US 01-01-1970 00:00:00

I grew up listing to pink floyd and at first I didn't understand their songs I just new I liked the music. As I grew up I started understanding the lyrics and the meaning of their songs. All I can say is pink has helped me through so many emotional times. The music really mellows me out. Wish you were here sends such a message every time I here that song I think of people in my life who has passed and I loved very deeply. Thank you for being there pink floyd.

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