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syd scales jnr, rotherham south yorkshire 16-09-2008 22:03:45

I saw floyd at clifton hall in my home town when emily was in the charts I was lucky enough to meet syd in the street in cambridge in 67 he was wearing the best afghan coat I ever saw it was also just about the hottest day of the year he was in a very very pleasant state of mind a great great band so so sorry to hear the news about rick my sympathy and heartfelt commiserations to his family he will be sorely missed
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Poul, Denmark 16-09-2008 19:33:16

Im "wearing the inside out" but im glad i saw him playing twice with the thresome Floyd.Im greatfull.
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Jorge Alberto Damasceno Ribeir, Brazil 16-09-2008 13:15:03

This is a sad day. Goodbye Rick, have a Great Gig in the Sky.
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Mal Hyams, East Coast, England 01-05-2008 20:28:14

I was fortunate enough to video Pink Floyd rehearse "The Wall" concert in Earls Court, London, August 1980. I have posted a short version on YouTube. Search on YouTube using my name, Mal Hyams and it should show my vids, 4 Pink Floyd vids are in there!
Mal Hyams
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Mark, UK 08-03-2008 21:25:41

Hi, everyone.
I am coming to Odense for Roger Waters concert at Fionia Park. It would be great to meet any Rog fan with local knowledge befor the gig!
Drop me a line at mark(at)
Cheers, Mark
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angel, mexico 06-03-2008 23:13:10

hola, espero que para bien de todos los que amamos a PINK floyd, se reunan de nuevo aunque sea como la despedida de la banda. y que incluyan un tour mundial.adios.posdata:
i'll see you in the dark side of the moon
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Luke's Boogie, England 12-02-2008 21:05:10

This is such a good site for finding bout old recordings. Lucky enough to find an old bootleg myself recently with "Point me at the sky", Murderistic woman", and "pink blues" on it, so i'm buzzing about that. Say say does anyone know where you could download songs like the "merry X-mas" one??? i would love to know, or if someone owns it could you send it me?
Cheers people, keep the love and the musicXD
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Niels Petersen, Denmark 17-07-2007 17:39:13

Hehe, just as i posted the question, i did found an answer to my question. "The Amazing Pudding" is an early working title for "Atom Heart Mother". But this version is actually pretty exciting, very different from "Atom Heart Mother".
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Niels Petersen, Denmark 17-07-2007 17:30:59

Hi again ;o) I've just found a PF song not mentioned on this great homepage. The song is from a ROIO album called "Broadcasting From Europe". The song is called "The Amazing Pudding". It's from a concert at Hotel des Champs-Elysees a Paris, France January 23, 1970. Do you have any information on this song ?Thx
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Raine, USA, Louisiana 13-06-2007 19:00:00

Hey! Thank you for the free information. Got to Go... Dad is coming Bye!
Oh...And I forgot something... THE PINK FLOYD HYPERBASE rocks!!! I was wondering if you had any information on Roger's Tour Dates. I wish he would come to USA soon...mabey protest in front of the whitehouse until the stinking war is over... with Bush the war will never end. (Mom is E-7.) Oh.. and I am starting a band...Smokey Waters... Mabey when I win the lottery I will give you 1million to build a hyperbase for me, after we fix our little Mallard Trailer from katrina of course... -small problems-. Hyperbase?---I think I will need one,Eh? I AM NOT KIDDING!"...Money, Its gas."--A brilliant Person
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The Airwaves, Sweden 12-06-2007 22:16:44

Hi The Pink Floyd Hyperbase!
We are glad that our cover of See Emily Play made it for our newest release! If you are interested to hear it; hope you will enjoy it!Shine On! New EpCd \"Games For May\" finished - RELEASED!
Riverside Records/Bonnier Amigo Music Distribution (RS1016)
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Liam 29-05-2007 12:11:50

Designer of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ album artwork celebrates new book, ‘Taken By Storm’ at HMV Oxford Street London.The Iconic graphic designer, Storm Thorgerson, responsible for Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ album artwork and many others will be signing copies of his new book, ‘Taken By Storm’, published by Omnibus Press, at HMV’s flagship store on Oxford Street in London’s West End on Thursday 14th June.Storm will be at the store from 6.00 pm to meet fans and sign copies of the book which is released Monday 11th June.‘Taken By Storm’ features many of Storm’s well known album artworks for bands including, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, the Mars Volta and Audioslave.
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Nitin, India 15-05-2007 10:40:03

Can't believe since my last message sent almost two years ago, I still have retained my addiction to this site. Normally, with such a wealth of data on the Internet, it's not easy to get hooked onto a particular website, but Pink Floyd Hyperbase has certainly been one great exception! :)I'd like to repeat an earlier suggestion and add another, now:A few of the lyrics don't contain the "spoken voices" (apart from the "sung voices", i.e.) - so it would be great if they can be updated. Also, at more-than-a-few places, there are spelling errors in the lyrics, so those can be rectified too.I happily volunteer to be a part in this process, if required.
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charlie 05-03-2007 15:12:35

Ok, i just found out you can buy it from amazon, question then, has anyone actually seen it?
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Charlie 05-03-2007 15:06:53

Has anyone ever come across the film More, yes i have the album, but where is the actual film?????????
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mesut, mildura 05-03-2007 03:39:36

there will never be a band like pink floyd again...........
they are the most entricate and meaningful band ever.
they are not just musicians they are poets.
and i dont know if the world knows it but they gave the words ''live music'' a brand new meaning god bless them and thank god we were lucky enough to have pink floyd.
i only wish that one day i may play the guitar just like david gilmour......
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Niels, Denmark 01-03-2007 19:37:57

Hi again, and thx for the answer.I've looked into it, and it seems to be a strange collection of songs from Radio K.A.O.S, Identity, A momentary lapse of reason. And i'm pretty sure too that it's a bootleg ;o)But there is one song/sound piece on it, i cannot seem to find on this, by the way, great site. And that is a piece called Goodbye Little Spy In The Sky. Very Floyd'ish, sounds a bit like passages from dark side of the moon (which it is not).But it's quite a dull album by the way, i only have it for the rarity value of it. For other Pink Floyd fans here is the complete tracklist for ..A Desperate Attemp Of Perfection:
1. Learning to fly
2. Me or him
3. Radio Waves
4. Strange rhytm
5. The dogs of war
6. Sunset strip
7. Sign of voices
8. A new machine
9. Yet another movie
10. Home
11. Another few minutes of the new machine
12. Goodbye little spy in the sky
13. On the turning away
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"Goodbye little spy..." is a quote from FOUR MINUTES (radio KAOS)

Niels, Denmark 28-02-2007 22:39:05

Hi there,I've just got an to me unknown album by Pink Floyd, called ..A desperate attempt of Perfection. To mention some of the tracks there is; me or him, radio wawes, strange rhytm and so on. I can hear that much, that it's from the time after Roger Waters. I've searced the internet for information about the album, but hasen't got any luck.Do you, or someone else, know anything about this recording ??
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Hi Niels
It seems to be one of the numerous bootleg albums released -not an offcial Pink floyd album. The tracks you mention are taken from the albums Radio KAOS (by Waters) and Identity (by Richard Wright's Zee). You can find more about both albums on this site.

Anonymous 18-12-2006 10:37:03

The song Lost Boys Calling is not mentioned in the solo discography of Roger Waters. This song was released as CD-single together with the song 1900\'s Theme both from the film soundtrack The Legend Of 1900. I discovered this recently on the American Amazon website.
It was released as A promo cd-single in the United States and Italy. Also the song Three Wishes from the album Amused To Death was released in Germany as an official 3-track cd-single in stores. In the United States it was released as A 1-track promo cd-single. I discovered this on the British EIL website
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See more info about the soundtrack of Legend of 1900 more info

Neelabh Bisen, Kanpur,India 12-10-2006 05:19:06

R.i.P. Roger Keith Barrett.
"...pile on many more layers,and I'll be joining you there..."Your songs and memories will always remain in our hearts.-Neelabh
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Andrew Shepherd, lost in the woods... 02-09-2006 11:06:33

Rest in peace Syd. You were my greatest hero as a guitarist and as a sensitive, intelligent human being...may you shine on...
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Dave Whyte, Bournemouth 01-08-2006 11:55:50

R.I.P SYD 1946 to 2006 Great music
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DOS, the dark side of the moon 12-07-2006 16:20:10

Shine on you crazy diamond - wish you were (still) here - R.I.P. Roger (syd) Barrett
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tob, norway 17-06-2006 16:45:16

best regards tor vidar gundersen
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Cara<3, canada 19-04-2006 11:24:58

heyhey well this site is really good i went on it to get some information because i am making a pink floyd site for a school project thanks you are really helping me out here. anyways this is a really good site you have lots of really good information and you helped me out a lot well i will sure be comeing on this site pretty soon again to get some more information being as which i am sitting in class doing this not a very good idea but o well anyways i will ttyl kk c ya thanks again.
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Jajko(czyt. PinkDiamond), Poland?! (Kaczogrod) 21-03-2006 19:06:43

It's good to see that somebody takes care of Floyd's fans and made such a web page! Thank you for everything! ;)

Ptasia grypa, kaczki wokol (tudziez kaczory), Ksiadz Dyrektor, wszechobecne bum cyk cyk i gdzie tu uciekac mili panowie? (czuje sie niezrozumiana...)
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AKitten, MN, USA 09-03-2006 16:50:09

There is a great alt-country remake of 'The Wall' called 'Rebuild the Wall' by Luther Wright and the Wrongs - check it out.
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Matty, UK 21-02-2006 12:45:01

hey does anyone know if its hard to start playing floyd stuff with instruemnts and a band?
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Richard Tracy, USA 18-02-2006 17:54:31

A great site folks .I have been a floyd fan for many years and they never stop entertaining me.
Well Done
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Anastasya, united states 14-02-2006 13:34:05

Thank you for being generous with your resources... I hope that you will receive more than you need for your time and
energy. Keep at work!
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