Political Floyd

Pink Floyd is more than good sounds, big shows and laser lights. Specially the Lyrics by Roger Waters are politically loaded. If you haven't allready explored the more political messages and opinions of Pink Floyd -the list below could be a place to start. Please listen carefully and remember your favourite songs next time you go for voting :o)


When the Tigers Broke Free (WW2)
The Post War Dream (Falkland)
Get Your Filthy Hands of My Desert
Southampton Dock
Two Suns In the Sunset
The Bravery of Being Out Of Range (Iraq)
Late Home Tonight, part 1 / Late Home Tonight, part 2
Towers of Faith (Israel/Palestine)
Folded Flags
Four Minutes
Each Small Candle (former Jugoslavia)
Goodbey Blue Sky

Interested in anti-war songs? Check out the site Anti-War Songs, à la Carte


Waiting for The Worms
Run Like Hell

Dictators and crazy world leaders

The Fletcher Memorial Home
Get Your Filthy Hands of My Desert

Human Rights

Each Small Candle
Watching TV

Money, power and the market forces

Towers of Faith
What God Wants, part 2
Perfect Sense, part 2
The Powers That Be
Welcome to the Machine

Religion and power

What God Wants, part 1 / part 2
Towers of Faith


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